We know you want the best for you and your baby and that’s why CIMA offers a range of care including family planning, pre-natal care, delivery and post-natal care and more.  The midwives and physicians of CIMA will be happy to serve you.

Medical history


Complete physical examination


Pap Smear


Urine test


Family planning


Pregnancy test (free)


Planning for your next pregnancy


Other laboratory tests that are required for diabetes, thyroid problems, Iron and other medical conditions.


Free pregnancy test




Pre-natal vitamins


Childbirth normal and high risk


Payment plans


We accept most insurances


Certified medical personnel


Diabetes and Centering group classes


24 hour emergency line


Support and guidance for emergency "Medicaid"


Centering is a prenatal care including individual health control along with hours and additional attention

in a group setting. It allows you to share learning experiences with other pregnant women and into participate

in your own care.


If you participate in Centering:


You will learn more about your pregnancy


you will be better prepared for childbirth


you will be better prepared to take care of your baby


You will participate more in your health care


These classes are FREE, If you are interested please register with the receptionist

Pregnancy Test

Urine pregnancy tests are FREE. Results are given in private by CIMA personnel who can address any questions or concerns you have regarding the results of the test.

 Birth Control

We offer a wide range of birth control methods including:  male condoms, birth control pills, Nuva Ring, Nexplanon, Depo Provera injections, Mirena IUD, and Copper T IUD.

Maternity Services

The annual exam includes:

The maternity CIMA plan includes:


Sexual Transmission Disease

CIMA can provide testing and treatment for the sexually transmitted disease (STD) for you and your partner.

Family Planning

CIMA provides comprehensive family planning services for women. There are many types of family planning.


CIMA offers ultrasound services in each of the clinics and are able to determine the number of weeks you are.




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